Les Trois Enfants - BINIBAMBA


BINIBAMBA, founded by Emma Grant, create the most luxurious sheepskin baby products. With a background in fashion, Emma sought to create baby hand-me-down heirlooms to be loved on loop.

Our curated collection includes buggy liners, Levo baby rocker liners, wriggle mats and baby booties in BINIBAMBA’s signature MILK hue

We value slow fashion that sticks around, respects the Earth and is BIG on snuggles.

The luxurious Snuggler has become an all-time favourite among parents mainly due to its versatility. 

Suitable for use in a moses basket, baby bassinet, buggy or bouncer/rocker the Snuggler is indispensable for naptime, playtime, tummy-time or while on the move,

Handcrafted from the finest merino sheepskin on the planet, each BINIBAMBA piece is lovingly made in the most ethical and sustainable fashion.

BINIBAMBA items can be used all-year round due to wool's thermostatic properties - meaning that it will keep your little one warm in winter and cool in summer.

We are very proud to be exclusive stockists of BINIBAMBA in Ireland.

Catherine & Jessica