Bianca - Indigo Blue
Bianca - Indigo Blue

Bianca - Indigo Blue

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Kubel Kids is a small collection that has been created in collaboration with the photographer and stylist Anna Kubel.

The collection tells a story about Anna and her two children Hollie and Bianca with the patterns depicting their childhood and daily life. Anna has worked together with Sandberg's design team to create the colours of perfection in order to find the “perfect pink shade” and the most “appealing nuance of green”.

Bianca indigo blue is a wallpaper depicting tiny little northern starflowers. It is a calm and harmonious wallpaper in three soft colourways. Bianca is a great wallpaper for the kids room and nursery. 


Wallpaper size: 10.05 m x 0.53 m

Pattern Height: 13.3 cm

Pattern Fit: Straight

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